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Tasha with new born Pup
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Latest News item:  Tasha and Magic made Magic together We have 5 pups born on Aug 14, 2016  They have all been placed in their new homes!
Please take your time and look around! 

Our Angel litter both of our boys have found their forever homes, Tex is now Romeo, and Scooter is now Mozart!
Cocoa is our 1st Cavalier, but we are not new to the Dog show world.  I began showing in in 1995 in the AKC Obedience Ring with a Golden Retriever, Ginger Starr Chaser UD and then went on to get my 1st "show" dog, an AKC Vizsla, Brandy.  We as a team new to the sport of the Breed ring earned an AKC Championship as well as her CD, Companion Dog Obedience Title.  I have now bred several Vizsla litters and have gone on to finish 6 AKC Champions in the Vizsla breed.  Health, temperament and Conformation have always been my primary concerns.  
I have always loved the Cavaliers, so when my son wanted to get a small pet, it was an easy choice.  Health issues are in every breed, and Cavaliers have their share of health issues, some you want to stay clear of.  We didn't decide to breed our Cocoa until after she turned 3 years old and she had passed all of her health certifications.  She was certified clear of Heart defects, her patella’s  were normal with no slipping, that her hips certified at least OFA Good and she was Clear of  inherited eye disorders.  She was OFA Certified with a CHIC Certification during her 3rd year.    Then we looked for the right male to breed her with....check out our puppy page!
All of our dogs are pets 1st.  They live in our home.  I do co-own some of our Vizslas.  They are show dogs next.  I continue to work to better the breed.  I take much pride in producing happy, healthy and beautiful pups!

If you would like to read a little more about me, please click below and this link will take you to my Vizsla Website.  The About us page will give you a little more background information.

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Cocoa at 6 weeks

Cocoa 12 weeks

Sleeping on a couple of Vizsla pups!

Intl Ch Ky's Cocoa Dream


The following is directly quoted from the AKC Website

"Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Did You Know?

  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is AKC's 140th breed.
  • The Cavalier became fully recognized by the AKC in January 1996.
  • The Cavalier was featured on the hit HBO series, "Sex and the City", as Charlotte York's dog.
  • The Cavalier was a favorite of King Charles I of Britain (the breed's namesake).
  • When the house of Stuart fell, it became a political liability to be associated with the dogs of King Charles (the Tudors favored the Pug), and the Cavalier breed became extremely rare.
  • Queen Victoria brought back the breed, but the Cavalier had changed radically from its original form; the original version of the breed had all but disappeared.
  • In 1928, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club was founded in England in attempts to support a revival of the "Old Type", and since then, the dog has grown to become one of the most popular breeds in Great Britain."

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