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Brandy My 1st Vizsla

A little background information!

About me!
My 1st dog experience began when I was 5 years old. From that day forward I have always had a companion dog in my life. I have lived longer than many of my wonderful companions Chipper, Sam, Jane, Harriett, Ringo, Bee Bee, Tigger, Susie, Rastus, Aisha, Ginger, Brandy and Jenny. Yet they will always have a special place in my heart.

At the age of 15 I began obedience training with Rastus. Rastus was the 1st dog with which I studied obedience. We had a great time and I had a very obedient dog, but Rastus was not AKC registered and we could not compete in the AKC shows.

Some years later I obtained my 1st AKC registered dog, Ginger. She was a beautiful Golden Retriever! What a joy she was! We had a great time training and competing in AKC obedience competitions! "Ginger Starr Chaser UD" She and I continued to study obedience and trained until we earned her CD (Companion Dog Title,) her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent Title), and her UD (Utility Dog Title). We had so much fun together.

As I stated on the home page, I have always loved dogs but I fell in love with the Vizsla. One evening while attending obedience class a perky red dog (or should I say "Golden Rust" dog) came into the class. It was love at first site! From that day on I knew the Vizsla was the dog for me!

After waiting nearly 4 years, in 1999, I was able to obtain my 1st Vizsla! She has been such a joy to our family. "Brandy", CH Titan's Dream Chaser CD. I began training her for her Companion Dog Title while I worked and studied to learn all that I could about AKC Conformation. Her Championship Title became our goal. After earning her Companion Dog Title which she earned easliy in 3 shows, we continued working toward earning all of her Championship Points! She completed her Championship Novice owner handled on 10/31/2003! We learned a great deal! (Just a note of thanks to all of our Friends that helped us obtain this goal......we couldn't have done it without your friendship and advice!)

Later, after Brandy had passed all of her health clearances, I bred her! See the Brandy and Murphy's 1st litter....I kept Rose and Co-own Ch Orion out of Brandy and Murphy...Now I have bred her for the last time and I kept Jenny and Co-own Copper from this litter. Check out Celtic and Brandy's page! Thanks CELTIC and his owner Laura Bauman!

Rose and I have been showing in Conformation and have begun to study agility!
She loves the agility classes and the Aframe, Teeter, and the Dog walk are her favorites. She is learning so fast.  Rose became an International Champion, Winning a Group 3 in the IABCA shows, and only needing 1 major to complete her  AKC championship. 
I began showing Jenny in May of 2008, and she completed her championship in January of 2009! She completed her Jr. Hunt Test Title in February of 2009 in 4 straight passes.  Once the AKC began the Grand Championship Title, Jenny competed as a Special, and earned her AKC Grand Championship Title (GCH)  in Sept of 2012.

I began showing Copper in Oct of 2008 and now he has completed his Championship on Oct  31st 2009 at the VCC Specialty immediately following the VCA Nationals! Out of the Bred by Class. 
2010 began just right!  Copper entered 4 hunt test and with 4 straight passes, just like his sister, he earned his Junior Hunt Title!

I bred Jenny to Folsom at the end of Dec 2011 and they produce a wonderful litter, I kept maker from this litter. In Jan 2013  I began showing Maker, she has made me very proud as a breeder, she accomplished her Championship in 5 show weekends, at only 15 months, winning Winner's or Reserve Winner's in every All breed show she entered at only 15 months old.  Her Litter Sister, Lucy was showing at the same time and finished her AKC Championship at 16 months.  Thanks Folsom! And with all the joy that 2013 had to offer we had sadness as well, In August our Brandy, our Beloved Brood Bitch crossed over Rainbow Bridge.  She will always be in our hearts, and in our line!  Thank you Brandy for all the love and devotion you gave to our family.  We miss you.

After completing her Grand Championship in Sept 2012 I bred Jenny to Cisco, I am excited about this litter!  Several of these pups are in training! Waiting for results!

The plans for 2014 will be to continue competing in shows with Maker working toward her Grand Champion, Hopefully puppies in late Feb with Jenny and Whiskey.  Gradually begin showing some of the pups from the Cisco litter.   It should be an awesome year!
updated, Jan 1 2014!


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