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Our Nine Little Whiskey's!  They have all gone to their new homes now!

Ky's Vizslas welcome these new families to our list of puppy homes!

Cathie Duncan-Kidrick, SC
Dev and Shettal Mangalat, GA
Clarissa and Lorenzo Todoberto, FL
Bryan and Allison Delaney,  SC
Efrain & Linnette Rosa,  PR
Megan Harless, SC
Zack Cisson, SC
Susan & Ross Stephenson, FL
Adam O'Brian, SC

Scroll for puppy photos!


GCH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH


GCH Solaris Smokin' Hot Habanero

Click to go to Jenny's OFA Results

Click to see Jenny's OFA Pedigree

News Flash!  Romance and Excitement are in the Air at Ky's Vizslas!

 Jenny has been a Lady in Waiting and Whiskey is a Fabulous "Bow" (Beau)!

Now we are all in Waiting for this lovely Litter! Announcing the upcoming  2014 Litter!  (expecting these pups to arrive the last week of Feb)

Both Parents are AKC Registered and both have accomplished their AKC Grand Championships!  Both have had Multiple Group Placements as well as Multiple Best of Breed Wins.  Whiskey has also had multiple Group Wins.


 GCH Solaris Smokin' Hot Habanero "Whiskey" 

  •  UKC Champion with Multiple Group Wins! 
  • Best in Show at UKC Multi-Breed Show!
  • AKC Grand Champion and with multiple Group Wins!
  • OFA hips good VZ-13367G24M
  • Elbows Normal
  • Eyes normal
  • X   

       GCH Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH  "Jenny"          

  • AKC Grand Champion with Multiple Group Placements
  • AKC  Multiple Best of Breed
  • VCC Award of Merit Winner


GCH Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH



Whiskey X Jenny


Happy New Year!  We are expecting the pups from this breeding the last week of February.  There will be a select few available for show/performance homes.  Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter! 

Dr. Randal says all looks good and to expect a nice litter next Tues or Wed, February. 25 or 26!

Pups Arrived on February 24, 2014!  Mom and pups are just fine!

6 girls and 3 boys

Week 1 Pups have all gained weight!  Mom "Jenny" is taking such good care of them.

Week 2 Pups are growing and they are all weighing in at about 2 lbs

Week 3  Pups eyes are open and they are beginning to hear some sound, they have found their voices and are experimenting with them making sounds.  These guys are growing so fast.  at 3.5 weeks they have received their 1st puppy food meal!  They are all weighing right at 3 lbs each. 

Jenny and Whiskey pups
born 2/24/2014

Welcome Ky's Little Whiskey litter
Then there were Nine Little Whiskies!

One week old
Watch me Grow! 3/3/14

Two weeks old 3/10/14
Resting with Mom, Jenny

Two weeks old
What a good mom!

Three Weeks Old 3/17/14
Watch Me Grow

Whiskey can Move!

And Jenny can move too!



Keep Checking back for more updates!
If you are interested in finding a Vizsla you may get in touch with me and I will be glad to assist you in finding a reputable breeder that might have pups available.  Vizslas tend to live a long life.  On the average 15 years, they can live to be 18-20 years old.  Make sure that you are getting your dog from a breeder that values health and well being.  Don't rush to get your Vizsla, take time to question the breeders on health test, temperament test etc.  These are very important for the well being of your new family member.


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