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Click Rose's photo to go to her Webpage
Intl Ch Ky's Golden Goal

Rose is now:
Intl Ch Ky's Golden Goal!

I am so proud of my Vizslas!

CH Ky's Cj Watch'n Me Wynn JH

Rose only needs one Major to finish her AKC Championship.  Not bad for my 1st bred by keeper!
She finished her IABCA International Championship in one weekend!

Orion, Rose's Brother, finished his AKC Championship with 3 majors.  He only showed sparingly! 

Jenny is our newest and she has been showing since May of 2008, At 14 months on January 3rd 2009, she singled out and then at 15 months she earned her Championship in Charleston on Jan. 24 & 25, with back to back majors under judges Mrs. Karen Wilson and Dr. Alvin Krause. Thus far she has won: 5 BOB, a Puppy Group 1 placement, and BBE Group 3 and Group 4 placements!  In Dec. 08 she earned her 1st two Jr. Hunt test legs, and in Feb. 09 she earned her 3rd and 4th hunt test legs to complete her Junior Hunt Title.  In Greenville she earned two more BOB as her 1st time out as a champion!

Copper, he is Jenny's littermate....Finished his AKC Championship on 10/31/2009 with 3 majors.  He finished with a 5 pt major the Week of the VCA Nationals at the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty!  What a way to finish!

Jenny Winner's and Best of Opposite in Clemson
Jenny is singled out at 14 months

Watch for picture updates!


Brandy Wins, 1st time in the Ring!


Brandy, 5 point Major win in Greenville, SC

Orion's 2nd major win in Greenville!

  1. Orion wins his 1st 3 point major at Clemson in May 2007!
  2. Orion wins BOB at Gray TN for 1 pt in May 2008!                  
  3. Orion wins his 2nd 3 point major at Greenville in July 2008 
  4. Orion wins WD/BOp in Knoxville for 1 pt. in Nov. 2008        
  5. Orion wins WD in Clemson for 2 pts in Jan. 2009                  
  6. Orion wins his 3rd 3 point major at Charleston in Jan. 2009 
  7. Orion wins his last 2 points becoming a New AKC at the Raleigh Kennel Club show in March of 2009

Jenny in Savannah going Best of Breed!


Rose, 1st Win at 9 months!


Rose 4 point major win in Ladson, SC!
Only 11 months


Rose Win's again! Raleigh, NC at 13 months


Rose 15 months Win in Clemson, SC


Rose is singled out she needs one major to finish her Championship at 21 months!

Ky's Vizslas