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CH Ky's Brilliant Star of Orion
Orion finished his AKC Championship at the Raleigh KC shows on March 21,2009 under judge Charles Trotter!  Finishing with 3 majors! Orion was b.1/9/2006 d.5/2022 at 16.5 years.

"Orion" CH Ky's Brilliant Star of Orion


  1. Orion wins his 1st 3 point major at Clemson in May 2007!
  2. Orion wins BOB at Gray TN for 1 pt in May 2008!                  
  3. Orion wins his 2nd 3 point major at Greenville in July 2008 
  4. Orion wins WD/BOp in Knoxville for 1 pt. in Nov. 2008        
  5. Orion wins WD in Clemson for 2 pts in Jan. 2009                  
  6. Orion wins his 3rd 3 point major at Charleston in Jan. 2009 
  7. Orion wins his last 2 points becoming a New AKC at the Raleigh Kennel Club show in March of 2009

click here to go to OFA Orion's page for Test Results.

Orion OFA Hips  VZ-11559E46M-VPI    Excellent Rating
OFA Elbows VZ-EL1126M46-VPI       Normal Rating

News Flash:  Copper is now: 
CH Wynn'N Celtic Copper JH. 
After Copper earned his 1st two qualifying scores at the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Hunt Test in Clarksville VA, we then decided to take him to the Chattahoochee Weimaraner Club Hunt Test in Covington GA!  Wow Copper did it again.  He finished his JH title in 4 straight passes, novice, breeder, owner, handled!  (Now if I can learn not to make so many mistakes! LOL)

CH Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper
Our newest Champion:
Copper  made the Cut at the VCA Nationals and took 5th place out of 15 entries in the Bred By Exhibitor Class!  At the VCC Specialty Following Nationals "Copper" went on to get 1st in the Bred by Exhibitor Class and Winner's Dog finishing his AKC Championship with his 3rd major.  He received Winner's Dog with an entry of 38 other Vizsla Dogs for a 5 point Major on Sat. 10/31/09 at the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty!  Thank you Mrs Carol Brown for this 5 point major placement for this New Champion and for seeing the Wonderful Qualities in Copper!

"Copper"  Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper



CH Wynn'N Celtic Copper, "Copper" Show Career

  1. 10/04/08  WD for 1 pt under Judge Mrs. Kathleen Steen
  2. 11/09/08  WD for 1pt under Judge Mrs. Loraine Bisso
  3. 2/14/09   WD/BW 1 pt under Judge Mrs. Mary Ellen Macke
  4. 4/10/09  WD 3 pt major win under Judge Sam Houston McDonald
  5. 4/18/09 WD/BW/BO 1 pt under Judge Mr.Dana P. Cline
  6. 4/19/09 WD for 1pt under Judge Mr. Robert H. Slay
  7. 9/19.09 WD for 4 pt major win under Judge Mrs. Marianne Reder
  8. 10/03/09 WD/BOP for 1 pt under Judge Mrs. Jane G. Kay
  9. 10/31/09 WD for 5 pt major under Judge Mrs. Carol Brown following the Week of the VCA Nationals at the VCC specialty.  Breeder, Owner, Handled!  What a way to finish his AKC Championship with 3 major wins, for 3pts, 4pts and 5 pts!

Copper 1st show on his 1st Birthday! Oct 2008

Copper 13 months

Copper Feb 2009 16 months!
Thanks Jack for helping me with this Wonderful Boy!

Copper 1st major Win at 18 months!
3 pt major under Judge Sam Houston McDonald

Copper 23 months
4 point major under Judge Mrs. Marianne Reder

Our Newest Champion!

CH Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper (24 months)
New Champion 3rd major, VCC specialty 5 pts! Judge Ms Carol Brown

OFA Hips  VZ-11619F27M-VPI  Fair Rating       
OFA Elbows  VZ-EL1146M27-VPI Normal Rating

click here to go to OFA Copper's page for Test Results.


Copper moving at 18 months
Hey guys look at me!

Copper movement at 2 years old!
Awesome movement!

Thanks to all the judges who recognized this boy for his special qualities as well as all of my friends that have given me continued support!  And to the wonderful families of both these boys, the Tedrows who love and co-own Orion and the Randals wo love and co-own Copper.  Both of these boys are retired from showing after their Championships and continue to live as beautiful "just Champion pets".

Ky's Vizslas